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My name is Daniel Cooley and welcome to my site. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

What Is "NoclssGT"?

I get this question fairly often through the forums I visit or people will reply back to my emails asking what it means. The original name I used was "Noclss2000." This was a AOL screenname I had when I was 12 and when AOL was still the cool thing to use. It is actually a combination of a few things. The first is being "Noclss" which is just No Class without the "a". AOL had a limit on how many characters you could have in your name, so I cut the "a" out. I chose "Noclss" because at the time, I listened to classical music so it was kind of a small joke to myself. Lame, I know. The "2000" part comes from me graduating in 2000. I put it all together, and Noclss2000 was born. I've used the same name ever since, mainly due to laziness and so I don't have tons of different screennames for different websites or emails. I then cut out the "2000" part and put in "GT" since my Ford Probes were GT models.

My First Probe

I started out with my first Ford Probe in 1999 when I was a Junior in High School. It was my second car, replacing my 1988 Grand AM that was on its last leg. I decided on the Probe because I had seen a few running around at the time that had a few things done to them and I thought that they looked pretty nice done up.

After purchasing the car, I didn't start modifying it until around summer of 2000 when I graduated High School. I started out with my first modification being a uniwiper(which I regret doing). I then moved onto modifying my tails since there were no aftermarket tails available for the car. I made a pattern and put it on my tails and then spray painted the tails. From then I made clear corners and after that I moved onto engine mods. I purchased about every engine modification that became available over the years as many Probe enthusiasts went in business for themselves making performance parts since the aftermarket for our cars was very small. I started making the Probe fairly fast for being an automatic(mid 15's from 16.9 stock), then tragedy struck.

In October 2004, I hit a deer coming home from my fiancee's house late at night. It tore up my passenger side headlight assembly, bashed my passenger side fender and busted up my hood from where the deer rolled up it. The damage wasn't too bad, but just enough to make one say a few choice of words about the deer. I still hope she ended up on somebody's plate. About 3 months later, we got a bad snowstorm here in Ohio and I had yet to fix my car so the passenger side headlight assembly was removed so I could open the hood. Snow got into the engine bay and must have shorted some wiring

I limped the car home, sputtering and missing, running on five cylinders...and that's where she stayed. For the next two years, I tried to get the car revived, swapping out every part imaginable that would cause the problem with no results. I even went as far as doing a complete automatic to five speed swap including swapping wiring harnesses and the swapping of harnesses didn't help. That is where I gave up.

Shortly after that, I bought a 1997 Probe GT from a friend's sister-in-law. I have not yet modified the car myself, nor' do I plan to. I feel that after spending all of the time and money in my other Probe, only for it to die on me was a waste. I feel that by not modifying this car, if it does die, I won't be out as much money and heartache.

Car Clubs

I joined my first car club in 2001 which was a Probe club local to Cincinnati, the CPOA(Cincinnati Probe Owner's Association). I was with them for about a year and because the Vice President of the club. A few years later, CPOA and its sister club merged, becoming Ohio Probes South, which I was appointed President of and have been since. The parent cluh, Ohio Probes, was handed over to me in 2007 after the President sold his Probe and was no longer eligible to run it.

Everything about Probes I have learned from these clubs and their resources. Without them, I would barely even be able to do brakes on the cars, nontheless pull motors and do automatic to five speed swaps.